z6 – Fiesta del Agua y del Fuego

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The 23th of June, let’s celebrate ST JOHN’S EVE (La noche de San Juan) together. This night is a tradition in many countries including Spain. A crazy night is waiting for you!!!

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Departure time and place*:

Places of departure Address Hour
GRANADA in c/ Neptuno (in front of Foster Hollywood) 20:00 pm

We will leave at 06.00H aprox.
and arrive in Granada at 07.00H aprox.

*this schedule is subject to change, in case of change we will give you the information by email*


We inform you that the entry to participate in the “water battle” in Lanjarón has an additional cost of 5€ and is paid and bought apart (they give you a bracelet so you have access to this area).

*More information below


What is included?
» Private transport roundtrip

» Raffle of water guns

» Tinto de verano at the beach

» Bottle of alcohol for groups of 8 (you have to inform about the groups until max 22/06 at 20:00)

» Pictures of the trip

» Best Life Experience’s staff


» Bracelet “Carrera del Agua”: 5€, can be purchased in our office (last time to reserve your bracelet is on 22/06 at 20:00).


The Night of San Juan in Granada is well known for being, in addition to the festivity of this saint, the celebration of the summer solstice that is charged since ancient times with magical connotations, it is the longest night of the year at dawn of the 23rd June 24.
The plan is to start this madness with the FIESTA DEL AGUA in Lanjarón. There, people arm themselves with anything to throw water on others. The streets are filled with water and it is impossible to stay dry for 2 minutes. Afterwards, we will end the night drying ourselves by the traditional bonfires on the beach of Almuñecar, for the FIESTA DEL FUEGO.

Water Race *

Lanjarón celebrates as every year, in a unique way, the night of San Juan, with the famous Carrera del Agua, recognized as an Andalusian tourist attraction.
The event will take place on June 24 from 0:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., from the Palas Hotel roundabout to the Town Hall Square.

The bracelet is 5€ and can be reserved in our office in c/ Arandas 5.


In the Tropical Coast of Granada you can go to the beaches of Almuñécar, where small bonfires, fireworks and good atmosphere are organized.

If you travel to the beach, one of the customs is to wash your face or bathe in the sea at 00:00, midnight, so that with the magical properties of water you can achieve health and beauty.


» To board the bus on the day of the trip, it will be necessary to show the purchase ticket.

» If you are unable to take part in the trip, another person can take your place. If this person does not have the BEST LIFE EXPERIENCE card, he/she will have to pay the difference in price (only valid for day trips).

» Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable for day trips. See terms and conditions: https://bestlifeexperience.es/terminos-y-condiciones/

» Final instructions will be sent by email to all participants in the days prior to the trip.