z5 – Fiesta de los patios de Córdoba

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If you have already visited Córdoba before, you already know that it is one of the most famous cities in Andalusia and that you cannot miss the mix of culture offered by the Mezquita as well as the atmosphere in the small streets. But did you know that the fiesta de los patios brings an even more unique and typical atmosphere in the city?

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What is included?
» Private bus roundtrip

» Informative dossier of the trip

» Tour in the city

» Time to visit of the famous patios

» Visit of the monuments (optional)

» Photos

» Staff during the whole trip


A lovely party, full of colors:

Córdoba is an open air museum. The historic district – which is a World Heritage Site – makes you travel in time. To reach the old town, the best way is to cross the “Ronda de Isasa” bridge, dating from the first century, with its 16 arches and the sculpture of San Rafael.
After the bridge, up to the city center, stands an impressive building: The Mosque–Cathedral, which also contains the remains of the basilica San Vicente. The mosque is the most important monument in Córdoba and also from the Andalusian architecture, along with our iconic Alhambra. Anecdotally, the monument has been elected the best tourist site in Europe and the sixth in the world in a contest from TripAdvisor.

To discover the magic offered by the “fiesta de los patios”, it is necessary to get lost in its winding streets, made of earthenware, where we can find the famous “patios”. For this special event, the citizens of Córdoba open their doors to the visitors and decorate their patios with flowers, fountains and whitewash. During this party, it is the best time to see the patios because of the open doors and because the patios are even more beautiful thanks to the special decoration made of flowers, plants and fountains (where you may be able to find a bit of freshness). Elect your favorite one and see if it matches the choice of the jury of the city.
Going back to the direction of the river, stands the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, dating from the XIIIe century. This fortress amazes for its 4 towers connected by patios and Arab-inspired baths made of marble and earthenware. The murmur of the water and the gardens have a relaxing power and will let you with the desire of staying in this paradise.


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