z3 – Fallas de Valencia

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Are you going to miss the city competing with Madrid and Barcelona for the title of queen of the nightlife? Come with us to one of the most important city in the Mediterranean and see it by yourself! Two days and one night in an hostal to discover the city, with a guide, by day and night!

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Departure time and place*:

Places of departure Address Hour
GRANADA c/ Neptuno (frente a Foster Hollywood) 03:00 am
ALMERIA La Salle (Avenida Federico Garcia Lorca) 05:30am

Return: We will leave Valencia on Sunday at 17.00 aprox.

*This schedule is subject to change, in case of change we will give you the information by email*


What is included?
» Private Transportation Round Trip
» Informative dossier
» Photos of the event
» Monitors during the whole trip


During the festival, “ninots” (huge puppets or dolls made of cardboard, wood…) are created before being destroyed. The ninots look very lively and usually represent satirical scenes, especially to make fun of corrupt politicians and Spanish celebrities.

The Origin of the Fallas and Mascletà

The origin of the Fallas can be found in an ancient custom of the carpenters who, celebrating the arrival of spring, burned in front of their workshops the pieces of wood (parots) that they used to raise the lanterns that illuminated them during the winter.
Little by little, they added to this purifying fire old junk and rags, which humanized the parots until they became ninots. The humor of the Valencians soon gave these ninots the critical and ironic sense that they maintain today.
Did you know that some fallas have millionaire budgets?

On the other hand, the Mascletà is a series of loud explosives (known as masclets) with a certain power that are fired continuously with the basic purpose of producing noise in a rhythmic way. The firing starts slowly and gradually increases in loudness, until it reaches what is known as “earthquake”, which is the final part, where lots of firecrackers explode at the same time causing a deafening noise. In short, it is nothing more than a sample of the passion that Valencians feel for gunpowder!


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