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Best Life Experience Granada Erasmus Card


New product

Here is our Granada Erasmus Card!!

You can use it directly for discounts and offers in our trips and many comercials in Granada!!
Also, with the Granada Erasmus card you’ll have the bracelet (discounts on entrances and drinks in the clubs!) and a backpack for your trips and excursions! Book it now via our website!!

You could pick it up in our office once you’ll arrive to Granada

8,00 €

You are about to undertake one of the greatest adventures of your life, about to live the best experiences, meet the best people ...

THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEEN BEGAN so for you to be well prepared we want to show you the Granada Erasmus Best Life Experience Pack!

What is included?: 

☆ Best Life Experience Card: discounts on all our trips as well as offers in different places in Granada and ... many other cities!
With Granada Erasmus Best Life Experience you will also have discounts in: Jaén, Córdoba, Sevilla, Málaga, Huelva, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Madrid, Murcia, Valencia, Pamplona, ​​Salamanca, San Sebastián, Porto and Lisbon!
☆ Bracelet Best Life experience: offers and discounts on entrance and drinks of the most important clubs in all cities!
☆ Spanish Sim card with the ORANGE company (with € 5 of gift balance!)
☆ Best Life Experience backpack! Ideal for your trips and excursions
☆ Discounts and offers in Eurosenders (international package shipping)

Best Life Experience Presents:

Do all your trips with Best Life Experience and accumulate points with which you can get many gifts that will become a great memory, and also vouchers to travel for free or cheaper!
Sweatshirts, t-shirts, cups, ecological plastic cups, shot, backpack ...

Discounts in Granada: 

☆ Come to the office at Arandas street 5 and play some Fifa games with your friends
☆ Free photocopy max 10 pages with the Best Life Experience card (ideal during exams or bureaucratic procedures = P)
☆ Bicycle and motorcycle rental, sports shops, tattoos, mobile repair, beauty centers, hairdressers, barbershops, yoga, gym, ice cream and yogurts, flamenco
☆ Pubs and discos
☆ Bars and restaurants


Keep Update! There may be new agreements and offers!

And all this for just: € 8

You can now book it easily and conveniently through the web and we will prepare it immediately. You can pick it up when you arrive in Granada at our office: C / Arandas 5, and start enjoying!

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY! It is not only about advantages in your pocket, but of endless great memories that will make up your stay in Granada ^^



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