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Who we are?

Today, the best life experience exists in Granada, Malaga and Jaen, offering STI services to all lovers of travel, adventures and parties.

But BLE adventure began in Granada, over 5 years ago ...

It all began when some UGR (University of Granada) students saw that their university is becoming a university for most Erasmus students from all over Europe.

Every year they met many Erasmus students, becoming part of their daily lives, and making friends for a lifetime, but as they realized that there was a lack of activities, monotony and sometimes a too boring routine, they came up with the idea, together with other Erasmus students, of creating an organization that would manage the fun part of the exchange students’ lives.

This is how the Best Life Experience adventure started, with the simple idea of some students to help foreign students to fully enjoy their time abroad. 



In order to take care of all the issues a foreign student might have, we have a young and international team ready to help you. So if you don’t feel comfortable speaking Spanish yet, don’t worry… We also speak English, French, German, Czech, Russian, Italian and Arabic.



In few words, Best Life Experience offers different activities with the goal to make you live unforgettable experiences.


1.- Spain and its neighbours are beautiful countries, both for their countryside and their culture and people. We give you the opportunity to visit those countries and discover everything they have to offer. Throughout the year and every week, we organize trips and excursions to different places in Spain, Morocco and Portugal. We offer trips with different durations.

- 1-day-excursions to visit the beautiful towns and cities of Andalusia.

- Beach days with open bar of alcohol and various games and summer activities.

- 2-day-trips (one night), to cities that are further away or need more than one day to visit.

- 3 to 5-day-trips to neighbour countries such as Portugal and Morocco.


2.- If the destinations we offer every weekend do not convince you, or if you want to visit even more, we sell personalized packages at very low rates to every imaginable destination, from large European cities such as Paris or Barcelona, ​​to exotic destinations like Bangkok or Tokyo and even to distant destinations to visit emblematic places like New York or Machu Pichu.


3.- And if you want to make a trip with some friends or classmates to celebrate the end of the year, we have options, destinations and prices for all tastes. Cancun, Morocco, Europe, United States, cruises, etc.


Come and meet us, we are waiting for you!


 "The best life experience, the memories of life are waiting for you ...".